Common infractions and penalties

Rules and codes of conduct are obviously very important in golf, as it makes everything easier for all players involved if everyone knows how to conduct themselves in a sporting manner on the course. Breaching the rules hardly helps your game, so you’d do better read up on as many of them as you can. This way, you won’t have to learn the hard way. Here are but a few mistakes that are easy to make, and can cost you a lot if you’re not wary of them.

Too many clubs in the bag

Did you know that you’re not allowed to carry more than 14 clubs in a bag? If you exceed this during match play, the penalty will be loss of the hole for every hole the breach occurred, up to 2 holes. If the rule is breached in stroke play, you’ll get 2 strikes for every hole, up to a total of 4 strokes.

Hitting a flagstick

If you find yourself striking a unattended flagstick with your putt, you’ll get penalized by loss of hole during matchplay, while in stroke play you’ll have a two-stroke penalty.

Moving the ball after adress has been taken

If you do this, the penalty is a one-stroke. The ball will then be put back on the spot where it landed.

Causing the ball to move

Should the ball end up in a hazard, you can remove a loose impediment without being penalized. If there are no hazards involved, and the ball still moves while it is within a club length of the loose impediment, it will be a one-stroke penalty, and the ball returns to the original spot.

Some rule breachings are consideres serious enough to equal disqualification. If you sign the wrong score on the scorecard, and the score you signed is lower than what was actually recorded, you are disqualified. If this happens, your scores will be removed and will not be used in that round.

These are some infractions that are surprisingly common. You’ll do yourself a huge favour by being aware of them and avoiding doing them. Knowing the rules will help you act like a proper golfer!