Knowledge for Beginners

Many golf coaches can testify to the fact that a lot of newbies give up too quickly. The frustration caused by not getting the hang of it immediately can get the better of impatient novices. This is sad because golf is a great game once you’ve mastered the basics of it. Try not to be one of those players who expect too much too early, but appreciate the fact that learning to love the game is a process.

Patience Is Key

Golf is rumoured to be both simple and complicated at the same time. People might be tempted to start playing because of its simplicity, but find the number of rules and types of clubs unsettling. The language golfers use can also be confusing at first; words like albatross, birdie and bogey aren’t part of people’s everyday jargon. It is natural for beginners to have certain questions, and we’ll address some common queries here.

What Kind of Clubs Do I Need?

Don’t worry, you don’t need to use all your savings. Learning the basics should be a priority, in the beginning, so focus on finding equipment that will enable you to develop your necessary skills with as minimal expense as possible. You’ll have lots of time to buy top-rated clubs once you’ve developed your skills.

What Are Some Important Golf Terms I Should Know?

There are many of those, but let’s cover some significant ones.

  • Albatross – this means scoring three under par on one hole
  • Par – the number of strokes a golfer should need to complete a round
  • Birdie – when a hole is played one stroke better than the standard
  • Bogey – when the play makes a score of one over par on one hole. A double bogey is two over par, a triple bogey is three over par, etc.
  • Eagle – when two strokes under par complete a-hole
  • Hole-in-one – this one is perhaps most common to non-golfers. It means hitting the hole in one shot. It is quite rare, but not unheard of
  • Tee – the little peg that you place the ball on before you hit it

Keep in mind, there are plenty more words, and you’ll remember them eventually. If you’re completely new, the ones mentioned above are good ones to start with. There are heaps of information out there about golf, and some are unnerved by the magnitude of it all. Stick to the basics in the beginning, and you won’t be overwhelmed by your new hobby.